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  • Music of East Africa

    Music of Ethiopia Ethiopia has a very rich and diverse music history. The various tribes and ethnic groups of Ethiopia have the...

  • Amharic Collection

    Amhara are an ethnic group in the central highlands of Ethiopia. Numbering about 19.8 million people, they comprise 26 percent ...

  • The Legends collection 50s 60s

    The Legends collection 50s-60s Ethiopiques is a series of compact discs featuring Ethiopian and Eritrean singers and musicians....

  • Eritrean Music Collection

    Eritrea is a country in the Horn of Africa. Perhaps the most famous Eritrean musicians in history are Eng. Asghedom W.Micheal, ...

  • Oromo Music Collection

    The soloist plays an electronic keyboard introduction and then his voice undulates, rising and falling in pitch. One would thin...